Fraud and Corruption Hotline

In an effort to mitigate unethical behaviour, the Agribusiness Development Agency (ADA) has secured the services of Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd, an independent information gathering company, where employees of ADA, suppliers and clients, can report unethical behaviour, without fear of victimisation.

We would like to remind you that whistleblowers have a right to remain anonymous. It is important to mention that the identity of whistleblowers will never be divulged even if their identity is known to the Entity or to Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd.

The Protected Disclosures Act, Act 26 of 2000, makes provision of employees to report unlawful or irregular conduct by employers and fellow employees, while providing for protection of employees who blow the whistle on such unethical behaviour.

How To Blow The Whistle

Provide the operator with the following details regarding unethical behaviour or issue:

Please assist US/ADA in our endeavour to eliminate any dishonest and unethical practices.


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