We have developed products and services according to four broad areas in support agribusiness development. These products and service categories are:

• Knowledge and Information Services – these includes design and dissemination of agribusiness models, agribusiness training modules and business leadership development;

• Financial Resources Mobilisation - these include targeted development finance and investments;

• Agri-business Facilitation Services – these include connecting agribusiness entrepreneurs to information, innovations, technologies and markets;

• Agri-Business Market Infrastructure Services – these include agribusiness capacity and systems development and investments in infrastructure.


In the short-term the ADA will continue to provide business rescue advice and support to agricultural land reform settlement projects of DARD. In the medium to long term the organisations service delivery model will evolve from a project to a facilitated service with a suite of agribusiness support products and services supporting a broad range of entrepreneurs through investments in hard and soft infrastructure and support systems.