Report by the CEO

Mr Carlos Boldogh


The strategic direction set in the 2016-2021 continues to guide the Agribusiness Development Agency (ADA) in rolling out its programmes and projects to dispense its mandate in the KwaZulu-Natal region. With a number of key programmes which have progressed, ADA will maintain the plans previously set in order to effectively implement, monitor and evaluate progress and the impact made.

For the 2018/19 financial year, ADA will continue to focus on key programmes in pursuit of its mandate. These are:

  • Programme 1 : Finance and Administration
  • Programme 2 : Comprehensive Capacity Building
  • Programme 3 : Enterprise and Value Chain Development
  • Programme 4 : Infrastructure Development

These programmes are further broken down to specific objectives, namely;

  • To promote good governance and a legally sound organisation
  • To expedite the development of 100 or more successful business oriented Black owned enterprises throughout the value chain
  • To enhance the knowledge of the role players within the agribusiness sector through training, mentorship and professionalism in order to strengthen the sector’s social capital base
  • To mobilize resources to assist the ADA initiatives, programs and ongoing activities in its endeavor to facilitate transformation in the agribusiness landscape
  • To strengthen the public sectors capacity to support the development aimed at improving policies that guide actions
  • Create, through institutional reforms, investment and incentives, an environment which is favorable for farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs to unlock business opportunities upstream and downstream the value chain and to access markets
  • To release the physical constraints to the sectors development through provision of physical infrastructure at the appropriate scale and time

With such comprehensive and meticulous effort applied to organisational planning processes, Agribusiness Development Agency is geared towards efficient service delivery and a positive impact on the Province of KwaZulu- Natal.